Sandra Hubert

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Soul Healer and Reader

You have a 'luminous Soul'

- as has every one of us.

Looking for clues? . . . Encouragement?
A life direction? . . . Unconditional love?

Your soul has the answers.
And no lover can love you better!

Sandra Hubert sees and contacts the level of people's soul helping them get in
touch and experience it more than they would ever be able to do on their own.

The results are a soul healing or a soul reading that connects them to their very best in the profoundest way possible.

This may be their first taste of just how high and free they truly are,
and it will inspire and uplift them - as few things can.


1) An Interview with Sandy, a Soul Healer - Her Work & Book

This interview is about Sandy Hubert's Soul mission and her work.
She shares about the inspiration that drives her Soul healings, readings and writings.

She tells how she is able to access the "actual Soul" and how Soul healing
can be a soothing and loving journey.  She also has "witnessed"
that each one of us is blessed with an "actual Soul"-
which is untouchable, radiant, loving, and powerful.

To listen to this inspirational interview: Listen Here!


2) Sandy's Exciting Live Soul Radio Show!

Explore & know the beauty & immunity of your Spiritual Soul Self -
which can heal you, protect you, & inspire you to greatness.

Here I explore the beauty, depth and immunity of our radiant Soul -  to relieve and inspire
you to know what a vast and precious person you are.  And particularly, to know that there is a
"Place in your being - Where You Have Never Been Hurt.". .  

This is done by my reading aloud excerpts from the "Realm of  
the Soul"  which is from my book "Soul Encounters:  Love Letters from the Soul"

Sit back and enjoy the journey: Listen Here!



Her new book,

Soul Encounters: Love Letters from the Soul'

is a "Self Healer"

Read one page & see any emotional disturbance dissolve that minute.

A shift takes place to the higher perspective, and it no longer holds you.

"Soul Encounters," is written by a healer who has practiced Soul healings & readings for 20 years.
It can truly help conquer self doubt, and all other negative emotions which arise from not knowing one's true Self.

It contains excerpts from the inspired love messages (Letters) of actual readings,
and from the deepest Realm of the Soul.

The words and rhythm within help connect any reader to their own Soul, the 'source' of love and peace.
This book then becomes a kind of - "self healer".

And it has a - Stress Relief Guide - for emotional emergencies.

Who I Am - Heart Healing


To be reminded
of who you are:

which is a

to feel
sweet relief.


worries & conflicts
drift away,
the heart begins
to sing


We do this
w. love,
and the clear eyed
that who one is

& that your Soul
is always present
with you,

And that you too
can see it,
feel it, know it,
& so become
with it
happy again.



To know that who you are
is not really
any of your roles,
not your limitations
nor even your skills or talents,
and not
your history,

releases you
from the limitations
of their


you are
much more
than any
of these.

And no experience on the

human plane,
whether the sweetest,
the most insufferable

your radiance,

the truth
your Being.



Knowing this -
every stress,
every "harm"
is released ­


You are free
to return to your true







You asked and Sandy answered

What is the Soul ?

The Soul is a part of yourself which reflects you at your very best. It is present when you love, help, and heal.
It is very real & you can feel it and see it if you wish. Listening & being guided by it, will change your life.

Why is my Soul Important ?

It is your deepest & vastest resource, and it is the aspect of yourself that is one with what we know as "God."
Claiming it - will save you from confusion, from feeling lost, and from despair. It will save your life from
superficiality, boredom, and listlessness. Or it may enrich it so profoundly, that you can know finally, and
with absolute certainty, who and what ­ you were born to be.

What are Soul messages (letters) ?

They are direct truths - from the soul. The Soul is a loving, intelligent presence with wisdom and actual
"messages" to share. And the depth of this Soul source - is immense.

What is a "Soul Healing" ?

This is a loving secure process whereby an individual is guided to find that portal in the Heart where "one
has never been hurt." Once the portal is open ­ the Soul's presence is felt and known. Possibly for the first

What is a "Soul Reading" ?

This is a longer process but with a similar feel. One's Soul is contacted and all of what it has wished you to
feel and know flows outward in vibrations, whispers, & messages. So that you can come to know your true
Self. Here your own deepest wishes and questions are answered. It is also a 'document' you can keep forever,
to remind yourself of your own truth.

Note: Only one Soul Reading is done in a lifetime. The reason for this is that Sandy has seen from having
done some hundreds of Soul Readings, that Souls are not wounded or unwhole, and they do not change, as
some seem to think. They are in fact eternally radiant, complete, perfect.

So only one reading is really necessary. Later additional questions may be asked, or a request may be made
for a particular point to be elaborated. But once done - the Reading is essentially complete.


Biographical References:

Sandy Hubert has studied Christian Science and worked with Gurdjieff groups, the Sufis, Ram Dass,
Krishnamurti, the Kahuna Hawaiian method of healing and prayer, Bioenergetics, R.E.T., Religious Science
Treatment healing, and worked with several Eastern gurus.
She has a B.A. from Bard College, and credits in philosophy from Columbia University.

Sandy is also a contributor to (questions/answers). A fresh new interactive online
magazine for females.


For further information and appointments contact: or call 973-746-3334

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